Squizify is the leading food safety system for QSR brands big and small. Our digital solution gives brands the ability to better manage and control key food safety tasks to ensure brands are not just compliant but are achieving best in class standards. Enabling brands to better track what matters most in their business, more often means stores and brand risk is dramatically reduced with small issues addressed quickly before they become big problems. Squizify provides key data and insights into how locations are performing, giving key decision makers more relevant information to make better informed decisions at the touch of a button. Squizifys Konnected kitchen solution enables brands can automate important food safety tasks through our IoT LoRaWAN temperature sensors, bluetooth probes and label making functionality.   Staff is the biggest asset brands have and using our customised training features enables staff to all be aligned onto the correct food safety processes while ensuring tasks are completed on time, every time and in line with how your brand wants them to be done. Removing falsification and human error while giving key decision makers real time visibility into their networks is critical for any brand as we move forward into the post covid world, so go on have a squiz, protect your biz with Squizify. 

Streamlining food safety is the ‘new normal’ for QSRs

Squizify’s operation execution platform improves food safety, operations, and training at QSRs.

While QSRs have mastered the art of quick service, they need to keep up with the competition and continue to thrive in the "new normal". This means it's important that they also focus on operational efficiency, which runs the gamut from food quality and safety to customer service.

Food safety, in particular, is a top priority for QSRs. In fact, according to a report by NSF, food safety has become a major global concern post-pandemic. In a survey of 680 employees conducted by the firm, seven out of 10 respondents said they had difficulties with unreliable food equipment that affected menu items' availability due to insufficient cleaning and maintenance.

This is a clear signal that QSRs need to improve their food safety standards. Gone are the days when customers would simply accept long lines and bad service. In today's world, they expect quick service without compromising on quality or safety, whether that's at the drive-thru or in the restaurant itself.

The good news is that QSRs are hopeful about the promise of new technology and processes for improving food safety, operations and training, and lowering expenses.

Squizify is one company that leverages technology to help QSRs improve their operations and food safety compliance. The company's software helps QSRs streamline their workflows, optimize their menu offerings, and improve their customer service.

The Squizify solution

Squizify offers an operation execution platform that helps businesses to better manage and control key operational processes centred around food safety and automation. This can help QSRs to save on operating expenses while at the same time reducing risk for both brands and their customers.

QSRs that partner with Squizify to take advantage of a number of benefits, including:

  1. Improved food safety compliance: Squizify's platform helps businesses to better manage and control their food safety processes, ensuring that they are compliant with the latest regulations. This can help to reduce the risk of foodborne illness and other food safety issues. Squizify’s founder and CEO Daniel McDouall said that combining the mandatory food safety compliance records with alerts and notification of what to do when results fall outside of set parameters is a key feature of the platform.
  2. Automation of temperature monitoring: With Squizify, businesses can remotely monitor the temperature of all key fridge and freezer units 24/7. This can help to avoid potential food safety issues and ensure that food is kept at the correct temperature.
  3. Automation of label printing: Handwritten day dot stickers can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. The Squizify platform helps businesses to automate this process, saving time and minimizing waste.
  4. Food safety and ops execution training: The platform provides access to a library of bespoke training videos, created locally, that can help businesses train their staff on food safety and operational procedures. McDouall said that having the ability to quickly show a staff member the right way to do something is a powerful way to train them.
  5. Auditing and inspections: The platform helps businesses to conduct self-audits of their location, ensuring that they are compliant with all relevant regulations. Squizify's Auditing and Inspections solution is rich with functionality and very easy to use.
  6. Maintenance register: The platform helps businesses to keep track of all maintenance records for their equipment, ensuring that it is properly serviced and maintained.

"Knowing when certain pieces of equipment is due for service or having all previous services all recorded nicely against a piece of equipment is super important to make sure key assets are maintained correctly. This gives greater insights into where money is being spent along with showing when key services are due or upcoming," said 


There is no doubt that food safety is a major global concern. QSRs need to improve their food safety compliance in order to meet the demands of their customers in an ever-changing world. Squizify's platform can help businesses to streamline their food safety processes, saving time and money while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

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